I Want a Pet

After a very eventful day on Saturday, ZG and I decided to take a break Sunday and meet a couple of friends for brunch. We were kid-free this weekend since we were celebrating our anniversary, but wanted to pick a place that our friends could feel comfortable bringing their son. When they replied that they had a kinky babysitter with a preference for more… alternative… payment methods, I had an epiphany and began to see the true potential of this new lifestyle. I looked at ZG and said, “I want a pet.”

Do not think for a minute that there is a straight man on the planet that has not thought at least once about having his own harem. My thoughts have always been purely sexual, like having a spare in case one gets a flat. In the lifestyle, however, the potential is so much greater! *begin reverie* My perfect pet would be a complete service-oriented sub. She would fold laundry and do dishes, watch the kids and, as my friend put it, “get paid in beatings” (for which she would beg!). And, because ZG and I are pragmatic, if nothing else, we would run our au subordonné program like an internship, where college students looking for training in the art of submission could work for credit and a place to stay for the quarter. To the outside world, our little pet would be our au pair. And as for the employee benefits… well… *end reverie*

5 comments on “I Want a Pet

  1. Maren says:

    Fascinating concept. What unusual people M&Z are. 😉

  2. sunnymegatron says:

    Ohhhh! I can see this turning verrrrry interesting. There *is* a “Chicago Kinky Classifieds” board on Fetlife, you know . . .

  3. MagisterNodi says:

    Hi BeyondFD,

    Thanks for the retweet.


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