Being a Dom is… learning to edit.

As most of you already know my girl (ZG) is my editor. There is little that can escape my mouth without her watchful eye scanning it once, twice, and sometimes three times for errors. It is like many of the things in my life, something that I have defaulted to her on, yet another burden brushed off for someone else to pick up. I think it is about time that I started carrying my weight in the area of grammatical correctness.

 I have something to admit. I am a really shitty writer. I have no sense of grammar, I cannot find a way around without the crutches and orthopedic shoes that are clichés, and my punctuation marks are like feral cats living in the attic of my mind. I never have been very good at any of these things and have gotten by on spell check, a quick tongue in person and the unfortunate state of contemporary literature. I let people believe that a few poly-syllabic words thrown into a discourse comparable to that of your average eighth grader are hints at a greater intellect hiding in the kitsch of hipster slackness. I lean on the idea that all great authors have great editors (i.e. Raymond Carver) and that I am merely following a tradition.

E. e. Cummings is a fantastic poet (yeah I said it, you want to fight about it?) not because of his random and seeming erratic style but in spite of it. Picasso was a fantastic artist that left a tradition that he had mastered to explore the new. I have yet to establish an ability to write in a straight line yet and for me to think  that I am anything greater than lazy at this point is arrogant and self-destructive.

So what am I trying to do other than to sound like I am looking for kudos through self-deprecation? Call it proof of concept. I am editing this on my own to see if I can. I will cheat a little and let the spell check look this over but other than that I am on my own. Feel free to correct, harass and mock my issues.

9 comments on “Being a Dom is… learning to edit.

  1. gooddump says:

    Using spell check isn’t cheating, but using the “grammar check” is just plain bad, stylistically speaking. I don’t need some programmer who assumes everyone is writing business letters to nimrods and idiots.

    It took me a long time to master a casual, readable style, ignoring some of the rules of grammar in exchange for a flowing sentence. But in my Nothing liek a Good Dump I’ve pretty much said, “Fuck it, I’m going to use whatever word I want.” So, I end up using polysyllabic words, not to impress, but because it just happens to be the right word for what I’m trying to say.

    But the real rule… just keep writing, it’s not always the spelling or grammar, it’s the stories that make blogs worth reading.

  2. gooddump says:

    And, by the way, I HATE that WordPress doesn’t let me edit comments when I find myself reading something after posted it…

  3. beyondthedepths says:

    The reason you’re blog is great has nothing to do with correct grammer. It’s your writing style and content which is very different from ZG’s blog.

    I love your writing style…it’s comfortable for me, I think that way so it’s easy for me to read. As for your content, it’s exactly what I’m interested in so I’m always looking forward to the next one.

    Not everyone is willing to take a moment in time and look at it with such depth. I’m glad you’re blogging.


  4. MagisterNodi says:

    There is a base level of linguistic correctness that one should be able to get from anyone. I appreciate what everyone has said, I am still working on at least a modicum of proficiency.

  5. I am impressed. Only slight inconsistency in your use of the Oxford comma, and a single clause ending in a preposition that I might have shifted. Otherwise, bravo! 🙂

    And, your reference to Carver’s editor just totally turned me on. What a fantastic, beautifully creative relationship they had. Mmmm… I need to go re-read some Carver.

    • Magister Nodi says:

      If I had known all I had to do was make reference to Gordon Lish to get you going, I would have done it a long time ago.

  6. mollyskiss says:

    I wonder why you lack confidence about your writing as whenever I come here to read I find a writing style and ability that is exceptional.


  7. raymondj says:

    Ha! I was about to bust you a little on the oxford comma as well, but ZG beat me to it. They are my grammar pets I’m determined to keep alive, even as people are dropping them rabidly.

  8. SapioSlut says:

    Here, here! I cheer for our editors that shine our initial splat of writing into something amazing.

    The best editors are able to allow the idiosicracies of the writers style to remain throughout their clarification. This was told to me by an editor. It makes me feel more relaxed about just writing – hold to your own way of expressing yourself Magister. It has a lovely warmth and a certain vulnerability that invites me to keep reading.

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