Orchestrating a Household

​My girlfriend is moving in with us. It is a big move and all of us (ZG, Mariela and I) know that there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed and that the process is not going to be perfect, but we also know that it is what we want right now. We are going into this with our eyes as wide open as possible. We have drawn up a contract of sorts that forces us to each lay out our wants, needs, fears and responsibilities so as to help us deal with issues that might arise. It is not easy or taken lightly, but with that said, it has the feeling of sex for the first time — it hurts so good. As I sit here in the coffee shop, waiting to hear back from the plumber about fixing our shower, I ruminate on the challenges that I specifically have to face. The girls have their own issues and demons and hopefully I will be able to help them as much as they help me through mine.

​The D/s that ZG and I share is like a creeper vine. It twists and turns, finding places in the structure of our marriage and our lives to take a foothold. She submits
with her acceptance and submission to my girlfriend and our relationship, and I take control by making (trying to make) the house run smoothly. This has become more nuanced with the introduction of Mariela to the mix. Mariela and I have a different D/s that has developed out of our daddy/daughter roleplay. Now there are five of us in the house and more than ever I feel that it is my house to make a home for the rest. I have mouths to feed and bodies to wash and dress. Clothes need to be picked up, washed and put away. There are dishes and bills and household maintenance that need to be done and while there is no way I would be able to do all of it alone (hell, even most of it), I do need to take the helm and steer the course and manage the labor. Who washes, who folds, how do we spend money on what, and when we are together and when we need time apart. It is a symphony of the mundane, each instrument a menial task that seems like drudgery but needs to be played in tune to make the harmony that is a running house.

​There is cacophony as we tune the orchestra. If the signing the contract is like raising the curtain, then the lights are dimming and the actors have butterflies of excitement and fear. It is a big move for all of us and as I step up to the podium I wonder how our little family will sound.

One comment on “Orchestrating a Household

  1. Fallen Depths says:

    That’s a big knot…but an exciting one. I will be looking for more posts to see how it’s working out from you and ZG.


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