A Wise Master Once Said…..

Dedita Nodi

It’s hard, isn’t it little one, when we view people as Gods and they make stupid, human mistakes?  We correct that by not viewing people as infallible.

-12/30/12 as he strips the soaking wet clothes from my body as I huddle in the shower

I can not control what the world does to you, but I can control how you respond to it.

-12/16/12 as he comforts me, pressing my head to his chest with his fist in my hair.

There is no pleasure in hurting you through carelessness.  You’ve had enough of that for a life time.  When I hurt you, I do it deliberately and methodically. Because I plot and plan in detail ways to make your life excruciating, you know you can let go with me.  Just be vulnerable, little girl, and I’ll do the rest.

-12/1/12 before an emotionally devastating scene

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