Ideas for the new year

I am a writer. Not a writer in the shock-of-white-hair-scarf-and-corduroy kind of way but in the way that means my thoughts come out better on paper. For this reason I am going to be writing again and more this year than last. Two things I will be working on; brevity and certainty.

To the first point I am going to try and get my point across in fewer words, fewer thoughts, and less time. Say it right the first time. This will allow me more time to act on the discoveries I come to understand.

As to the later, I am going to trust that what I say the first time is what I meant. There is no need to search while writing. Leave the pondering to posterity.

First item of business, being a forgetful master. Things slip from my mind on a moment to moment basis. This lack of long term hold on daily tasks can feel like a human soul stuck on a goldfish’s mind. It can also be seen as a chance to find the now and realize what is important. I can see this as a chance to prove to myself and others what is valuable in the present. The present of the present if you will.


One comment on “Ideas for the new year

  1. Dedita Nodi says:

    Promises, promises. 🙂

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