Bhakti (Take One)

We are sitting on the couch, watching a movie and you tell me you have to pee. Of course you have to pee, you are half way through your second Cosmopolitan. I do what I am wont to do when you show me a way of picking on you, I start pushing on your bladder. You squirm and try to object. You tell me “no” as you laugh and then you do something you never do, you start to fight back. Hello? What is this, a bit of fight in my timid little sub? Ok, game on.

You are not pulling your punches, you are giving it your all. Pinching, pushing, pulling, biting. Biting? That’s new. I push my hand into your mouth. Feed the bite, as they say. You bite harder and harder. Your eyes start to plead with me to show pain. You whimper when I tell you to bite harder. You are not a sadist for sure. I pin your arms down and pinch you back. I play with pressure points and you refuse to show that it hurts. Good, it means I can go farther, more and more and more until the yelp of pain bubbles out. I wonder if you will bite my dick if I put it in your mouth. Yep, and hard. Ok, that will not be repeated. The fight goes on and I am on top so I use my weight to outlast you. Finally you are exhausted and scream, “Fuck! Uncle!”

I stick my fingers down your throat and get them coated in saliva. I pull up your dress and start rubbing your clit. You relax and fall back on the couch. You beg to cum. I stick my fingers in you and they are covered in cunt juice. They go back in your mouth and you suck them clean. Back to the clit. Ready? Five, four, three, two, one. Cum. Just as you do I slap your pussy as hard as I can, slamming the breaks on your orgasm.

You still have to pee. Fine, let’s pee. I lift you off the couch by your hair. Down the hall into the bathroom. You start for the toilet. Nice try. I open the shower and throw you in. Squat and piss like an animal. You have on a housedress and bra, but no panties. Good thing, too; I would have made you piss through them. I shove my cock in your mouth while you piss. So degrading being used while pissing. I fuck your throat. You suck my cock. Back and forth with you attacking my dick like you are starving. We can smell the piss now and I ask you if you feel disgusting. You shake your head with my dick stuffed in your cheeks. I tell you to choke on it.

You open your mouth as wide as you can and impale yourself on my cock, pushing it down your throat until the gagging turns to coughing turns to puking. You catch it in you mouth and swallow. Again and again. The smell of vomit is now mixed with the piss and you are still sucking my dick like a woman possessed. You are so eagerly licking and gagging and fucking and sucking. You are on your knees worshipping me, eyes closed, devotion consuming you. I pull your dress up over your shoulders to show your bra and have you pull out your tits so they hang out unceremoniously. You are so fucking used, so consumed and whorish that my dick is literally throbbing with excitement. You are not yourself, you are nothing but desperate desire completely overwhelmed by the need to please my every whim.

I pull out of your mouth and start jerking off as I look down at you, so completely in the moment, so beautiful in your degradation. Your hair is a mess. Your lips are swollen with desire and from sucking my dick. I tell you to lick my balls while I jerk off and you take the command to heart and start kissing and licking and cleaning them as if they are your reason for being. You are so completely taken up by this that I cannot hold it for long. I grab your hair, pull back your face and demand you open your mouth for me. I tell you how filthy you are. You say yes. I tell you you are low. You say you want to be low for me. I say that you are a whore and love being used. You say,

“Please piss on me.”

There it is. That is where we were going from the beginning. I knew it, you knew it. The scene was about being low and you were giving it up to me. You want me to because you know it is what I want. I cannot get any harder but the moment distracts me from cumming and so I fuck your face and put you back to licking my balls. You attack them and soon I am there again, this time I cum. I cum in your eyes and nose and in your open and eager mouth. You hold still trying not to let the cum fall. I catch my breath and let my dick soften for the next part.

And then we wait…

And wait, and wait and wait. The moment stretches out as I try and feel the urine in my bladder. I get out of the shower and get a drink of water. And another and another… I can feel it hitting the bladder so I get back in the shower. Nothing. I take off your clothes. I take off my clothes. I close the shower door and start the water. That makes the feeling rise but again nothing. More waiting. I am standing there and you are so obediently waiting at my feet. I turn the shower on you, imagining the water on your face is my piss. Yes, it is hot and that makes me start to get hard again. That doesn’t help. You tell me to move the water when I am ready to start pissing.

“I want to know that it is you and not the water” you say and I am more in love with you than ever.

It starts to come again and I reach up for the showerhead and like that, the feeling is gone. Arm down, I concentrate, feel it coming again, reach up and it’s gone. Repeat. Meanwhile you are trying everything. You look up at me even though the water is burning your eyes. You open your mouth even though you really are not looking forward to drinking it. You try to look excited, eager. You try to look scared and used. You touch me, you cower, you talk casually, seductively. You are silent. You are so patient that you wait there for 45 minutes in the bottom of the shower while the water slowly goes cold.

I start getting desperate. I push on my bladder. There it is! The feeling comes rushing up. Not just a faint glimmer of hope, not just an inkling, a full-on I have to piss moment! Here it comes, once it starts it will be fine. The floodgates will have been opened. Finally it comes and… it’s just a trickle. Then it stops. I punch my bladder, I squeeze, I push until it is overwhelming and it finally happens. The piss comes at last. Not a lot, not for long, but enough to make it official. You have a look on your face that is the perfect combination of utter disgust and joyous relief. We laugh a little and I help you up to shower off so we can finish our movie. I get out of the stall and dry off. We chat a little about how it was so much harder than I expected. I am out of my head a little as we talk, happy that we did this, happy that it turned me on like I thought it would. I do not even realize that I have walked over to the toilet and sat down. Sure, now the piss comes…