I will not put the vanilla girls in the hole. I will not put the vanilla girls in the hole. I will not put the vanilla girls in the hole. I will not put the vanilla girls in the hole. I will not put the vanilla girls…

I found the hole at work and so the chance of just grabbing someone by the hair and throwing her in there was zero. That does not mean that I am not scheming and anybody who thinks that just because the hole is in my work thinks that it will not come into play does not understand that I have keys and access to the security tapes. Believe you me that the hole will be used. It is just too good not to. The issue is that right then, at the moment that I unearthed this Al Capone’s vault of kink, I had no one that I could share it with.

 Pictures or it didn’t happen

 It is like so many things in life, the true value of the hole is context so as I start to take pictures of it, I realize that I need to find some way of portraying the potential of the space, not just the physical existence of it. The girl is a cutie that works for us and she is – as far as I can tell – very normal, very vanilla, but since she is very easily the cutest girl in the room and I love toying with people, I asked her to pose next to the heavy cast iron door. To give it proportions. I snap a shot of it closed, then open. Then she asked me, “Do you want me to get inside?”

No one is vanilla. You either know your kink or you don’t. I say this with both certainty and from experience. For years I lived quietly a “vanilla” life thinking that what I wanted, what I wanted to do was just the dark ruminations of a twisted mind. People did not do what I wanted to do and that was that. As ZG and I started to talk more and more and I began to see that there are people, sick perverted people, who not only think like I do but are acting these thoughts out. That is the way it goes, you are one day thinking that what turns you on, I mean really turns you on is so vile that you are the only one thinking it. If you are lucky your fear is proven false and the world opens up.

An addendum to my more perverted readers: I know that many who have made their way to kink made it on their own. The desire overcame their fear of social norms and to them I say kudos. This does not mean that you are more kinky or a better pervert than someone else. It just means that you have an element of rebel in your make up. Great, but not the only thing that makes you kinky. We are doing what we do because we like it and that varies for each of us. Hell, that varies within each of us on a daily bases so cut the newbies and tourist a little break. They don’t all need to be thrown in the deep end head first, only most of them.



I wrote this for another site, but after a local Twitter discussion went viral I thought it apropos.

The manager’s meeting is always a time to contemplate torture and vivisection. I went in today with little hope of escaping with anything more than a fraction of my soul, but was pleasantly surprised when my brain decided to give me a little treat.

First of all, the new manager was wearing knee-high leather boots and a sweater dress. She was cute with long straight hair and seemed to be friends with my imaginary meeting fuck-buddy. One of the women, a  mousy little thing with a soft voice who you can imagine screaming violent curse-laiden orgasms, has always been the foundation of my office fuck dreams. Now, as they chatted, it was as if the fantasy was in stereo.  It was impossible to keep the image of the two of them crawling across the floor towards me.

Next to me sat another manager wearing fish-net stockings, calf-high black leather boots and a short black dress buttoned up the front. I love fish-net stockings mostly to dig my fingers into and tear apart. In truth she sat forward on her chair, her legs spread, pulling on the fabric of her dress. I had two of the guys near her give her what she was subconsciously waiting for. In my head they held her arms behind her back and took turns groping her chest and fingering her sex.

Hey, I thought, this could turn out to be okay. I spent the rest of the meeting putting people into different positions. There was the big chested girl with hot boots who was having the VPO lick them clean and there was the gay sales manager who was hammered by the bear of a man who ran customer service. Two of the women from accounting were tied down, one on top of the other, cunt-to-mouth on the round table as the rest of the managers took turns going ass-to-mouth, watching their juices flow back and forth across their pussies. By the end it was an all out group fuck with the interns being brought down to be wantonly beaten and molested.

A good time was had by all, at least in my mind.