The New Normal

Tuesday is the day I get out of the house. I take the girls to work, run errands, grab a cup of coffee and sit down to get some writing done. I have checked my email and taken a moment to relax and now I begin to write. This is the new normal for me. It has gotten me to start thinking about what “normal” really means.

I was talking to a friend the other day. She brought up her reservations about being kinky and poly in a career world where these things are not approved of. In her work world these things are not normal. On the contrary, in my life I am surrounded by both kink and poly family models. I talk to friends about sex and vulgar thoughts all the time. We all know and admit that vile and disturbing thoughts exist. We generally agree that the idea of monogamy is outdated and find a great deal of pleasure in having sex with each other. Normal is a common consensus it is an agreed upon average. What that average is, what that norm is, depends on the population. If the group believes that non-monogamy is the best relationship type, then being monogamous becomes the abnormal behavior. This is how reality changes, shifts. Little by little we move from one belief to another. Each little change is taken into new norm and before you know it, the world itself is different. Things that used to be accepted as the way the world works (i.e. racism, sexism, smoking, etc) are more and more unacceptable. Likewise, things that were once seen as taboo (homosexuality, interracial couples) are now common enough to be seen on the major networks during prime time.

How far does this thought extend? Could it be that once upon a time there was a generally held belief in magic and therefore there was magic? Could the mass belief in dragons have made them real? Is our failing belief in God making him fade like Tinkerbell?