Scenario: Cheerleader Vs N3rd Grrl

Two girls; one mean cheerleader and one shy little nerd girl. The mean girl corners the nerd and starts picking on her. She molests her, mocking her small tits, her glasses, her clothes. She forces her to lick her pussy under her cheerleader skirt. She makes the nerd rub her book against her clit. “You love books so much, then fuck it!” As she is rubs her cunt on the book, the cheerleader shoves a marker in her ass and continues to berate the nerd for being too smart, unliked, ugly, a social pariah. She fucks the little prissy nerd and tells her this is as close as she is going to get to a real fuck. She tells her that she is worthless and nobody wants to fuck her. As the nerd girl lays there crying from the shame and embarrassment, the cheerleader stands up and starts pissing all over her back. “You are worth nothing more that a place to piss.”

Enter the teacher
“What is all this now?” He pulls the cheerleader off the nerd and tears into her. Telling her she has no right to treat another person like that. Asking her if she would want to be treated like that. Slapping her face, shoving his hand down her throat. What would she do if she wasn’t the bully? He turns her over and shoves her face into the nerds cunt. She laps away like a dirty little whore. She is too into it. She is probably just a lesbian hiding her real feelings behind the cheerleader uniform. This is not humiliating her in the same way she had humiliated the nerd so he has the nerd turn over and makes the mean girl lick the nerd’s asshole. He then starts
fucking her, telling her that she is a dirty whore and that only horny greasy old men will want a slut like her. A girl would never touch her without being forced. He then fucks her ass like the frat boys will want to. She’s still licking the nerd’s asshole and the nerd girl is rubbing her clit. He says to the cheerleader, “You’re such a fucking little whore, look at you going down on her asshole! Who knew such a popular little brat could be so into other girls! I bet all the little frat boys would love to know what you’re really into! You thought it would be so nice to pick on her? Well, I think that WE should make you regret such a poor choice.” He grabs her pony tail and pulls her off the nerd ass, “what do you think about that!?” Her response is a soft whimper as he continues to fuck her ass. He shoves the cheerleaders face onto the nerd’s pussy, “Make sure that you get her nice and wet so that I may fuck her properly. Whores like you only get fucked in the ass.”

He makes the cheerleader lay on her back with the nerd girl on all fours with her cunt over her face. Then he fucks the nerd girl hard just inches from her face. Spit and cum slopping out of her cunt onto the mean girl ’s face. As he is about to cum, he pulls out and cums on the nerd’s ass and makes the cheerleader lick it out. Then he finishes her off by pissing in the cheerleader’s mouth . “You like pissing on girl’s so much, then you should love being treated like a piss whore.”