Delay and Diffuse

She’s wordy and verbose
Prolific and prone to prose
Always sick and has a cold
Stuffed nose she’s got to blow
I’ve got many cold remedies, many old enemies
I’ve got a girl that kicks their ass like River from Serenity

I like nerd girls. I like the way they look, smell, act. I like their insecurities and their little e-books. They wear striped socks and read Murakami before “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” and they fuck like it’s their last night on earth.

I married a nerd girl even though at the time I did not know it. I mean I knew she was reader (we met at a book store) but there is more to it than that. To be a nerd girl takes a certain internalized charm that just wearing the right clothes cannot imitate. They have something in their eyes, a stare like the Charybdis that pulls you in. They smell good, often sweet like cotton candy, and they wear their hair in that come-fuck-me toss and make you a drunken hillbilly with obscure references to music or movies from countries that you have never heard of. Back when we started dating, I stopped fucking a nerd girl so I could date my (future) wife. She was amazingly hot and twisted and made me feel like a fool with no skills. I dropped her because I really liked this new girl (ZG) and could not cheat on her. Oh if only we knew then what we do now, this whole thing could have turned out differently. Regardless, I will take the world I have in a heartbeat.