Sunday Morning Coming Down

Pipe and cup of coffee. Johnny cash in the background and a sleepy little girl in the next room. My left shoulder hurts from an amazing scene with Dedita last night. The boys are coming home from their grandparents this afternoon and I have plans to make keto-friendly chili later. The sun and a cool breeze is coming in the window as I sit down to write. Yes, this is a good day.

Dedita uses a ketogenic diet to control epilepsy and I have joined her on it to help keep her going. It is a high fat, low carb diet that simulates starvation in the body, tricking the liver into processing fats as the main energy source for the body instead of carbohydrates. We eat no bread or pasta, aim for specific vegetables and use butter like it is going out of style. In all, it is a great diet.

I am an evolutionist. I believe that living creatures are changing all the time and that many of the changes are not seen because they are subtle, small and foundational. One of these evolutionary changes is blood type. I can easily see how blood types have evolved in humans depending on where they lived. A, B, AB, and O are all different in what they can handle. I am type O and find that my diet tends towards a high protien, high fat, low carb diet naturally so this diet fits me well. It took me a very short time to become comfortable on the diet. My energy levels are up, my stomach does not hate me nearly as much as it used to. With more energy comes more desire to write.

Evolution comes in many different ways. Some of them are physical, some are mental. Some of them are obvious and others are nearly invisible. All of them change, in someĀ fundamental way, you interact with the world. What is beautiful is how those changes reveal who you really are.