Making the Most of the Space You Have

Three bedroom, two bath with a dungeon in the back. I hate to call it a dungeon because that implies torture and while pain and torment are definitely on the table, they are merely means to an end. They are colors to paint with but they are not the picture. How about studio? Studio is even more pretentious than dungeon. I am not an artist. I love to be creative, to hear you say, “I’ve never done that before.” But that is not the same thing as comparing what I do with being a musician or sculptor. Office? Too serious. Play room? Too playful. Let’s just call it “the room.”

The room is almost done. The frame is in place and most of the books that had been collecting dust on the shelves have been boxed up. The lock has been installed and the curtain for the glass door has been hung to keep out unintentionally prying eyes. There a few things left to do (hang the curtain to hide the shelving, get a stereo system, get rid of the desk, etc.) but all in all the room is coming together. It made its maiden voyage last night and I was pleased.

I leave the ladies to play on the couch and make sure that everything is order; the music is selected, the heat is on. I stand in front of the wall, looking at the newly organized toys. I find what I am looking for (cuffs and blindfolds) and look over the assortment for anything else that might be fun. Oh, o-ring gags!

When I return to the living room I am met by that pouty look. The look of a child (read: Z) who is mad because she has been told it’s bedtime when she just got to the good part (read: vagina) of the book (read: adorable lady friend M). The silly bitch just doesn’t know how much book reading she has ahead of her. Adorable lady friend M is dressed in perfect nerd girl harem attire (glasses, garters, skirt and sweater) and Z has on her standard business hotness. I leave M on the couch for a minute as I guide Z back to the bedroom. It’s her house so I have to spin her a little to get her confused. A girl always sounds better falling when she has no idea what (if anything) is going to catch her fall. She lands face-first in the bed with her legs at awkward angles that make it hard for her to keep her balance. I leave her like this and go back to get M.

In the room I hang them up on the frame, each in turn. They sway on tiptoes as I strip and inspect them. After finding that both of the girls were in good shape, a few bruises and a scar in the middle of M’s back, but nothing broken, I bring them together, strip off all their clothes except their garters and have them stand together under the frame. I put their arms together from fingers to elbows and wrap them together. I take the two sets of arms, tie them together and string them back up. M is much shorter than Z so I had to try to not overextend her arms while still keeping Z off balance. I keep their arms over their heads, mouths gaping and drool pouring out of their top-side fuck holes. I bring their feet together and start wrapping.

If you did not already know, you can get 1000’ rolls of stretch wrap at the hardware store. I am trying to get various colors but the questions I get from my supply manager have made that more of a challenge. I wrap them together from feet to neck, making sure to pull them together with each round. By the end they are one solid body with two arms and two hot, gagged little mouths that were now almost completely out of drool.

I am many things, but a monster is not one of them. Okay, maybe that is not entirely true. I am a monster, but I do like to take good care of my toys so when I see that they are drying out I got a big glass of water and a turkey baster. They are like a freaky two-headed baby bird choking on the tablespoons of water I drizzle into their mouths. The water pours out and down between their tits making the wrap squeak as they moved. I inject more water under the wrap, watching it run down their backs as they squirm. Refreshed, I let them hang for a bit while I got the camera.

When I come back with the camera the girls are trying to make out through their gags. Their mouths pried open, tongues searching for each other made them look like some sort of incestous Siamese twins. I took a few nice photos (Santa brought me a new camera for Christmas after reading P’s final play date before his (un)timely end and seeing some the pictures from that).

I finished taking pictures and cut the girls down. The nice side effect of playing with shrink wrap is that the skin is hyper-sensitive afterwards. So they quickly fall into touching each other. I take off their blindfolds and gags and move them to the bedroom for more relaxed sexytime.

Yes. Overall, I would have to say that the room is coming along nicely.

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