Online Fun

And now we join the conversation already in progress…

MN: You remind me of the kind of girl who needs OTK spankings

X: God I would love one…

MN: Yes. Yes you would

At this point I stop because I start to ask inappropriate questions…

X: Sitting here quietly… not saying a word…

MN: quietly but the real question is…

Are you squirming yet?

X: Absolutely terrified…

MN: Feet flat on the floor

X: Yes sir.

MN: Hands, palms down on your knees

Stay there

Don’t move

Use your hands on your knees to pull your legs apart slowly until your thighs no longer touch

Don’t you dare move from there until I say

What is someone going to think if they see you?

Will they notice your legs are apart


Can you feel your heart beat changing?

Ok, you can stop

 X: I’m shaking

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